Born of the merger in 1996 of Berendsen PMC, pneumatic and hydraulic company, Octave Houart SA, specializing in hydraulics, based in Liège in 1954 and the company Doedijns NV, specializing in pneumatic and instrumentation, founded in Brussels in 1956, Fluid industry group still remains today a recognized specialist in  these technologies in Belgium.

Over these 60 years of activity, our group has designed and produced in its workshops, countless installations of all sizes and complexities, both in hydraulic and pneumatic and designed for all industries, whether for the market Belgian or for export. 

From the beginning, the partnerships with renowned worldwide brands strengthened the image of reliability and commitment to ensure quality service.

Thus, for six decades, know-how and experience of our engineers and our technical service were able to transmit while enriching the mastery of new technologies in every generation.

With service and manufacturing agencies in Liège and Antwerp, service agency in Tianjin and sales offices in Luxembourg and Arras (France), our group provides a proximity service valued for its reactivity in components sales, repair , maintenance, design or construction of engineering project and test benches.

Tradition and innovation, precision and versatility, communication and partnership here are some ingredients that we are putting at your service.

Charter of Fluid Industry Group

“While our company concentrates on production, it must also be a place for meetings and exchanging information. A place where everyone can demonstrate their skills and creativity, for achieving economic goals, but also for personal growth and that of colleagues.

Material enrichment must always be accompanied by human enrichment, although it must remain equitable and respectful of others.

-    Together we can succeed and achieve our goals
-    Together we are building a company that is synonymous with technical and economic progress, as well as social and human development
-    Together we are in a stronger position to face the future”

Damien Mathieu

Managing Director


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